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Clients should never lose sleep over legal obstacles to closing Business Transfers, obtaining Capital or concluding Business Arrangements.

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Legal Observations Affecting Business

May 15, 2017 No Comments

Confidentiality Agreement Traps & Trade Secret Destruction – Part 2

In the first part of this series on confidentiality agreement traps, we discussed how a “time duration” trap in a confidentiality agreement (CA) strips statutory protections from trade secrets. Failing to obtain signed confidentiality agreements from the recipient’s personnel sets up the second trap. Personnel as Parties to the CA Requiring the entity receiving confidential […]

May 8, 2017 No Comments

Business Transfers – Part 2: Acquisition Objectives

This second of the six-part series on Business Transfers will focus on acquisition objectives of the parties to merger and acquisition transactions, including stock sales, assets sales, takeovers and buyouts. This series focuses on a privately negotiated, non-auction transfer of a business or its ownership. To orient readers, we offered an Introduction to Business Transfers in […]

April 12, 2017 No Comments

Business Arrangements

A. Scope of Business Arrangements The term “business arrangements” generally describes various business activities of our clients. More specifically, these activities include entity formation, owner buy-sell agreements, admission and withdrawal of owners, purchase and sale of business assets or franchises, obtaining or providing security interests to secure payment or performance obligations, and releases of obligations […]