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Legal Thoughts

Confidentiality Agreement Traps & Trade Secret Destruction – Part 2

In the first part of this series on confidentiality agreement traps, we discussed how a “time duration” trap in a confidentiality agreement (CA) strips statutory protections from trade secrets. Failing to obtain signed confidentiality agreements from the recipient’s pe

Business Transfers – Part 2: Acquisition Objectives

This second of the six-part series on Business Transfers will focus on acquisition objectives of the parties to merger and acquisition transactions, including stock sales, assets sales, takeovers and buyouts. This series focuses on a privately negotiated, non-auction transfe

Business Arrangements

A. Scope of Business Arrangements The term "business arrangements" generally describes various business activities of our clients. More specifically, these activities include entity formation, owner buy-sell agreements, admission and withdrawal of owners, purchase and sale

Capital Financing and Syndications

I. Capital Structures and Needs The lifeblood of business, capital fuels start-ups, company growth and, for the benefit of owners, the sale of the company. To address these different needs, financial markets have developed innumerable products with unique characteristics ta

Business Transfers – Part 1: Introduction

In this first part of a six-article series on Business Transfers, we will provide a broad topical overview that will be supplemented by future articles. As used in this article, “business transfers” will include M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions, stock sal

Letters of Intent – Key Aspects and Dangers

Parties frequently sign an “agreement in principle,” “term sheet,” “memorandum of understanding” or “letter of intent” (LOI) which are synonymous terms for a summary of points forming a basis for continued negotiation of a business acquisition, merger or othe

Family Business Succession Planning

Family Business Succession Planning As Baby Boomers approach retirement, family business succession planning becomes critical. Family businesses generate almost half of the U.S. GDP and employ the bulk of the U.S. workforce. Despite these impressive statistics, studies est

Confidentiality Agreement Traps & Trade Secret Destruction

A nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement (CA) is frequently viewed as an unnecessary formality to be satisfied with an off-the-shelf "form" so the parties can move on to a business purchase and sale, joint venture, supply relationship, employment arrangement, service ar