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Legal Thoughts - Confidentiality Agreement Traps
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Legal Thoughts

Business Transfers – Part 1: Introduction

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Business Transfers – Part 2: Acquisition Objectives

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Business Transfers – Part 3: Seller Preparations

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Family Business Succession Planning (Non-Tax Aspects) – Part 1

Based on SBA and other industry sources, CB Insights reported that 31,929,000 small businesses (0-49 employees) employed one-third of the U.S. labor force in 2015. The number of such small businesses was estimated at 41,580,000 for 2019. Although family businesses comprise a

Family Business Succession Planning (Non-Tax Aspects) – Part 2

Part 1 of this series offered an overview of family business succession planning and buy-sell agreements. Part 2 of this series will focus on the business sale as an essential component of any family business succession plan. Regardless of the desired succession plan, statis

Letters of Intent – Key Aspects and Dangers

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Confidentiality Agreement Traps & Trade Secret Destruction

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Confidentiality Agreement Traps & Trade Secret Destruction – Part 2

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Legal Landmines – Feeling Trapped in your Business?

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Legal Landmines – Partnerships and Sinking Ships

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Legal Landmines – It’s the Little Things

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Legal Landmines — Emails + “From” Field = A $400,000 Contract

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Capital Financing and Syndications

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Business Arrangements

Sample Business Arrangements Legal arrangements for business address: entity formation owner buy-sell agreements ownership changes purchase and sale of businesses, assets or franchises creating collateral for payment or performance obligations, and settling obligati